Health Tourism

Health Tourism in Turkey

With its advanced health institutions combining high technology with qualified staff, and also with its competitive pricing policies Turkey has been the rising star in health tourism within the last few years…By the help of huge investments on health sector, Turkey has improved his level rapidly and especially in the last few years…Health Tourism has become one of the major aims of the Republic of Turkey and it has been supported by the government through stimulus packages.

Health Tourism in Antalya

Antalya is a great destination to satisfy the visitors with its history, rich cultural heritage, natural beauties, commercial mission, being one of the most significant cities since ancient times. Therefore Antalya has been named as the Capital City of Tourism in Turkey and has hosted 15 millions tourists in 2019. Additionally the city has many high quality health facilities which has a good reputation all around the region.

There are 2 university hospitals, 13 state hospitals and 28 private hospitals in Antalya. In addition to its highly developed health infrastructure, Antalya is an excellent health tourism destination in terms of being a tourism city and ease of transportation.

Among the highly developed health facilities, especially the reputation of Akdeniz University Hospital has exceeded the borders of the country. Founded in 1982 and with its 1200 bed capacity and 38 different medical departments, Akdeniz University Hospital is known worldwide for its remarkable successes such as face transplant, double arm transplant, and numerous organ transplant in its Organ Transplantation Center.

In Antalya, besides Akdeniz University Hospital, there are 2 more organ transplantation centers and also has remarkable successes in oncology treatments and cardio vascular surgery.

In addition to all these successful healthcare facilities, the Ministry of Health plans to further strengthen Antalya's health infrastructure and treatment capacity by opening another 1000-bed City Hospital in 2021.